Nope, this isn’t the post for Life With Levi’s Bfing Blog Hop (although it is Thursday and that post is coming…). This one is to keep you coming back to the blog. I’ve found you really like pics of the kids, so I will keep sharing. Sure, I enjoy the blog hops, prompts, and general rants, but I enjoy the kids more…so I don’t blame you.

Remember yesterday when I shared a pic of Lil Man with his teething ring? Or the posts about his sucking obsession? The kid never stops. There is always something in his mouth…usually his fingers, but he’ll put teething rings, shorts, blankies, pretty much anything he can get to his mouth in there.

Do you know what that causes? Extreme dribble. Slobber city. A soaked mama and baby. The other night we went to the zoo. I wore a pale pink shirt and wrapped him tight in the Moby. The kid sucked as much Moby fabric as he could get his hands on. I finally put him in the stroller because we were both soaked.

It wasn’t a bfing accident…but my shirt looked like I took a Journey Behind the Falls. How embarassing. Luckily, I kept the Moby on until I dried off enough to catch a breeze.  Lil Man thought nothing was wrong and just sat in the stroller, cooing away.

We really need the top 2 teeth to break through! They’ve been at the gum line for atleast three weeks now…how much longer do we wait??? But do I think teeth will stop the dribble factor? Nope. Something tells me years of droll and slobber are ahead. Still, I think we’ll keep him. 🙂


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