A’s First Splinter


“Unca? My foot. It’s ouchy.”

Bravely, she sat down at the pool ladder and let him take a look. There, on the bottom of he right foot was a teeney tiny splinter that was barely under the skin. Part of it fell out, but he couldn’t get the rest to follow suite.

She came to me and showed me the perpetrator, and I tried my hand. It was so tiny, I kissed it and asked if she could go on until we got some tweezers. My trooper, the little girl who had blood drawn this week without a teardrop (just a Daddy, its ouchie), went about her way and played until naptime.


Today sure turned out beautiful, don’t you think? We’re enjoying it poolside, and hoping there are plenty more days like this. Hope you got to enjoy it, too!


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