Old Stuff

I think the rain finally got to everyone just in time for the sun to come out. So many people we know, ourselves included, are purging and cleaning. Maybe it was being tired of the rain and winter. Maybe it was watching the devastation caused by the recent tornadoes. Maybe it is because shows have celebrated finales. Whatver the inspiration, its a great time to clean, organize, and purge.

For the ‘lil Burghers, we’ve been pretty busy cleansing. The yard is looking refreshed (pictures soon, I need a few more flowers and g needs to open the pool). A has a new room and g has been sorting tons of coupons in the guest room. We’ve also been helping my parents prepare for their move.

In this cleaning, we’ve found a ton of old stuff that brought back some memories:

Singin’ in the Rain and Wizard of Oz BAHS Musical shirts

My first flute (with ruined pads)

A tricyle for the kids that was mine and Jack’s

Barbies out the wazoo

A dollhouse my mom made for me

Sesame Street books

A keyboard that wasn’t a USB connection (feels like so long ago)

We have tons of boxes for the yard sale, donations, and craigslist, so I can’t wait to see what we find next!


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