A Happy Anniversary

Tonight I would like to take an extra moment to wish G’s parents a happy 31st anniversary! This photo is from our wedding about 2 years ago, and G and I agree we cannot wait until we can say that we have been married for 31+ years.

Mom shared a great link to an article dedicated to “Fascinating Interracial Couples” which got me thinking. . .It’s only been 43 years since Interracial Marriage was made legal in all states. . . and even less since it has been enforced. Personally, as a woman raised by parents who are raised me to be “down with diversity”, I never realized this was such a big issue, but unfortunately it still is.

Our parents (both sets) are great role models for the institution of marriage. Mine have been married 29 years and G’s 31. I know their faiths have been a major player in their longevity. They are strong and love wholeheartedly, unconditionally. What great love to look up to, right?

I hope that my children can grow up in a world where there aren’t questions or stares. Early in our relationship, I remember specifically a time when G and I got stared at in a Subway in Myrtle Beach. It annoyed me something fierce [that there really were still people who were close-minded] and made me want to hold him tighter [which probably would’ve made them stare more]. Thankfully, that’s never too much of an issue here in the ‘Burgh even though we are still a minority of couples…but sadly, I think married couples are also underfire so much today that married couples can even be a minority.

Together, G and I will be raising our children to love unconditionally and to love those around them, too. What a great world it will be when we truly can all live up to MLK Jr’s dream!


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