The Worst Good Habit

She hands me a string off the hem of her pants. “Mama, I’m sorry.”

Evan drops a bottle, she hands it to me. “Mama, I’m sorry.”

Rowdy knocks a crayon off the table, she puts her head in her hands. “Mama, I’m sorry.”

The sweetest little thing in the world, Little Arianna. While she’s inherited a number of my good traits, saying sorry over the littlest things, many things that are even out of her control. In so many ways, she is my mini-me. I inherited my ‘I’m sorry’ addiction from my mom (who is probably the most guilty of this “good habit”).

It’s hard not to tire of hearing her little angelic voice say, “I’m sorry”, especially when she pops out that darn bottom lip. Such a tender heart at such a young age. But I am confused. Do I tell her to stop apologizing for every single thing that goes “wrong”? If I do, will she learn to genuinely apologize? Do I ignore it and let her get tramped on in the future (because people would get used to her being apologetic, even for those things she didn’t do)? My gut reaction is to tell my little darling, “Sorry sweetie, but you got your Mama’s and her Mama’s habits.” There’s that darn S word again.

Are our sorry’s genuine? I believe so. Are our sorry’s necessary? I don’t always believe so. There are so many things that we are apologizing for that WE DIDN’T DO. To help me learn how to talk to Arianna about genuine apologies in the future, I will refer to this great list of “Seven Rules on How to Apologize” from AlphaMom. I promise I will take some tips about really being sorry and try to instill them in my little sweetie.

Until then, I am sorry if she or I overuse that word. Wish us luck. Sorry!


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