This post is part of a quick linky that encourages bloggers to write for 5 minutes (fiction) about a topic on a Friday. It was a lifesaver today. 🙂 Check it out, I’ve linked up over at The One Minute Blogger, where you can either get inspired or check out other blogs that participate. Enjoy my short, silly fiction.

Crack! went the egg, out spilled the hopes and dreams of a mother chicken into the pile of white, fluffy powder in my shiny stainless steel bowl.

Pop! went the oven, reminding me of the time some of the Lucky Biscuits, pizza, and buffalo chicken cooked just a little too hearty.

Ding! went the buzzer, and suddenly the smells, the waiting, the lack of patience came to fruition.

A and I cut big slices, dipped them in bowls of freshly made icing, and sighed.


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