Overheard: YEAH!!!! WHAT!!!!

“I want a pee pee prize,” she screams.

“Alright, let’s get to the potty. Run, run, run!” He cheers, pausing The Apprentice for the 75th time since Sunday night and putting our dinner plates on the counter.

“Ready? Set? Go go go!” She giggles, running through the kitchen.

I hear a few tinkles in the water followed by, “YEAH! WHAT! OKKKKKKK!” in a bright but booming voice. “Is that a pee,” she questioned.


“Can I get a pee pee prize?”

“WHAT?!?!? OK!”

A flush, some water splashes, and our little girl comes running into the living room asking for her prize. Not 30 seconds later, she needs another prize. We pause again, time 76.

One of these days, we’ll figure out who Trump fired. One of these days, she’ll be completely potty trained. But today, we’ll just have to keep pressing pause.


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