Cake Balls for My Girl

As Easter rolled around, all that Little Miss A asked for was cake. She REALLY wanted her some cake. Uncontrollably.

Since I love to bake and try new things, I decided I was going to make cake balls (inspired by Bakerella’s Cake Pops) and dip them in icing that she could eat. (In case you didn’t know, A is pretty severely Lactose Intolerant, but she can do eggs.) So, I pulled together her cake mix, some icing ingredients, and my recipes. It was time to give something a ‘lil different a shot for my girl.

First, I baked a simple yellow cake. Her only issues with watching me in this step is that I had to crack the eggs–she swore I was hurting baby birds.

While it baked, it was time to make her icing–which she preferred to call “green, pink, and yellow”.

She even got to lick the spoon.

I think she liked it.

After the cake had cooled, it was time to crumble it, add icing (I added 2 cups, but I think it probably would be better to add 1 cup and then add as you need), and roll into balls. This 9×13 pan made about 60 cake balls which I then put in the freezer to “harden” before we dipped them in the icing and sprinkles.

After they hardened, it was time to bring out the icing and sprinkles (I made a double batch so I had enough for the balls and the “toppings”). Somebody couldn’t be patient, she really wanted some green.

We iced them, but it was tougher than I expected–maybe they weren’t hard enough or it was too humid?

Then I remembered another inspiration for this recipe, How Sweet It Is’ Cupcake Fondue. Even though A couldn’t have it, I thought I’d salvage some of the cake balls and dip them in white chocolate. But again, a fail! My chocolate wouldn’t melt right, so I ended up drizzling the cake balls with some of the chocolate and then made some white chocolate bark, also ala How Sweet It Is. This time, unlike at Christmas, it worked.

Not saying that this dessert went over too well at Easter dinner, but Miss A did enjoy them, as did I! So much for “healthy eating”, huh?

Cake Balls
1 package Cake Mix of your choice
1-2 cups icing of your choice (canned, make your own, or make Ari’s custom icing)

Bake the cake as directed and allow it to cool–you may want to stick it in the fridge.
Crumble the cake and add in the icing as needed for the balls to hold together. Put them in the fridge or freezer before topping.
Ice or dip in melted chocolate.
Add sprinkles.
Put back in the fridge or freezer to harden once more.


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