A Lil April Wrap Up

Seriously? It is May already? Every morning when I wake up, I find myself begging Lil Man to stop growing. When people tell you to cherish the babies, they are serious. Next thing you know, he’ll be graduating high school. ::Sigh:: Since 2011 is flying by us, I wanted to make sure I remembered most of the things we did, because frankly, April was an Awesome April for us in 2011. Here’s a few things that happened:

I saw Lee Brice in Las Vegas at the ACM Award street concerts on April 1 (no foolin’) and then flew back to my family the next morning.

We celebrated my birthday–Mr. Burgher got me some delicious cinnamon gummie bears (my old favorite candy) and some chocolate covered cinnamon gummie bears (my new favorite candy). For those of you wondering, it was 8 pounds in all, and at least 6 pounds remain. 😉 I also got a Steeler bracelet from the Bradford Exchange which I absolutely love. I can’t wait to get some other charms for it so it’s not so “black n gold” in the off season (thinking kids, achievements, etc–Pandora style). The day itself was nice, we spent it at home and stopped by to see my Grandma then went to Oakmont Bakery (which if you’ve never been, shame) for some Red Velvet love.

Greg surprised me with a trip up to Clarion to see Lee Brice in concert again! (In case you didn’t know, Lee is a country artist who used to stop in for shows at the BeachWagon.) I think I’ve converted Greg to being a believer in country music. We also got to have dinner with our friends from Brookville–always good to get together and laugh M&T!

Easter was beautiful. Arianna absolutely loved the outdoor/bug catching themed baskets I the Easter Bunny made for her and Evan and the jungle stuff G E.B. found at Target. We had some of our family over for dinner and laughs, I always love a good time.

In the middle of the week, I had the pleasure to attend my work’s Annual Awards Luncheon because I was part of two teams who received recognition from our company. So proud!

Last week ended on a sad note. We were watching my uncle and aunt’s dog Buddy. He was full of his usual spirit, having a good time with Rowdy, chasing Arianna around making her giggle, licking Evan’s face, being obedient to Greg, and crashing at my feet at the end of a long day. One night, we came home from Greg picking me up at work to find him sort of limping, but it didn’t seem to get in his way of having a good time. Late the next evening, I went to take “the boys” outside, and Buddy wouldn’t come out from under the desk. When I coaxed him out, he was dragging his hind legs, so Greg carried him outside. We watched him and had my uncle set up an appointment with the vet–we figured it wasn’t an emergency because he was still walking around here and there, just not in his usual way. We were told it was probably a slipped disc, and the vet confirmed. Sadly, Buddy did not come home with Greg from the trip to the vet. Buddy was such a pleasure to love, and he is going to be sorely missed by not only his “mom and dad” but his cousin Rowdy and my family. Many tears were shed over Buddy, but I have to believe he’s running around in Heaven with new life in those teeny legs of his, looking for a squeak toy to tear up. 🙂

We were able to take our minds off the sadness a bit on Friday–my cousin’s private school had a benefit “Night at the Races” where we placed bets on horses and ate dinner. It was a great time, again shared with family and full of laughs. My dad watched the kids for us, so we decided to do some volunteering the next morning at Storehouse For Teachers, an organization that allows teachers to get resources for their classrooms free of charge (what a great cause, right?). After that, we cashed in a Living Social/Fandago deal I bought months ago and went to see Fast 5. The evening was spent at my parents with the kids (and Greg went dumpster diving for a little bit, of course).

All in all, suffering from vertigo, having a busy month at work, and watching the babies grow way too fast, I’d have to say, April truly was Awesome. Stay tuned for a recipe in a few minutes–have to give you some “fun stuff” to read! 🙂


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