2 Month Check-Up

Last week, when E turned 2 months old, he also had his 2 month check up and shots. We had no major concerns, but he has been stuffy (like we all have) and turns his neck to one side or the other. (Apparently the neck issue is just him getting used to holding his head up, and something must catch his attention by either noise or sight and cause him to turn toward it.) We also were hoping he had maintained his weight gain because we didn’t want to have to go back again for weight checks.

Well, after a 45 minute appointment, Lil Man got his shots and got a good bill of health.

At 2 Months, he is:
10 pounds 12 ounces
23 inches long
16 inch head circumference

…and a trooper at shots. Mama had more tears than he did. 🙂

(obligatory phone camera shot here)


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