Rowdy and His Cousin, Buddy

The past two weeks, we’ve had the pleasure to dog-sit my aunt and uncle’s dog, Buddy. He is quite spirited and highly enjoyed spending time with Rowdy. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Rowdy run around the house as much as he has during this visit.

Buddy and Rowdy are like two peas in a pod.

They both think they are “all that” when it comes to the ladies. Every time we let them out, they run to the fence that borders our neighbor with three little lady dogs. Every time, they run away as soon as the ladies come within 10 feet. Where do they run? Right to the pool deck where neighborhood cats have made a home. Both of them bark the entire run, but the second they see a cat, they turn right around and run for the door.

Both of them have to make sure that Evan is ok when he is put in the swing. They give him kisses, one on each side then let it go to work. When Arianna is climbing into bed, both of them kiss her face then watch as she gets tucked in. During Evan’s middle of the night feedings, I will occasionally have one standing on each side in front of me (it kind of makes me look like Queen Cleopatra with lions at guard). And of course, both are all about Greg (but who isn’t?)

But my favorite thing that Rowdy and Buddy have been up to? Bedtime. Both of them have beds near the foot of our bed, but they fight over who gets Buddy’s bed (and it is the smallest). Buddy loves to burrow into his blanket. One night, Rowdy stole Buddy’s bed, but he threw his blanket out for him. Here’s how the scene looked at 4 AM (excuse my cell phone photo).

Buddy has even made me wonder what life with two dogs would be like, but for now, let’s stick with one dog and two kids.


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