And, It’s Over.

April 16, 2010, our lives changed.

We found out that we were a month pregnant with our second child.

After exactly 8 months (which seemed like a lifetime), our little man arrived just in time to enjoy Christmas at home.

Believe it or not, that was 8 weeks ago, and today I am back at work. Really, I think I blinked and my leave was over. Somehow, we have plugged alot into the past 8 weeks,and I even had time to schedule blog posts (such as this one).

Let’s take a quick look back at everything that happened while I was on my leave.

* Greg’s parents and sister visited.
* Evan was baptized by my dad on Christmas Eve.
* We hosted our first Christmas in our new home (yes, coming down the stairs was everything I hoped it would be).
* We welcomed 2011.
* Greg adopted Arianna.
* We’ve worked on potty training Arianna–almost there!
* We took the kids and my mom to Sesame Street Live.
* Our friends from Canada visited.
* Greg’s younger sister and our friend Ash visited.
* Arianna had a first trim.
* I filed our taxes (win).
* Greg and I went to Columbus to get Steeler tattoos.
* Greg, Lil Man, and I went bowling and to the Strip District for market shopping.
* We watched the 4th Steeler Superbowl of my lifetime, the 2nd in Ari’s, and the 1st in Evan’s. Sadly, Ari, Greg, and I have a .500 record and Evan is 0-1.

What an adventure the past 8 weeks have been! Thankfully, through it all, I somehow found time to heal and bond (and beat Angry Birds & Angry Birds Seasons–both Halloween and Christmas). We’ve made a lot of memories. These memories, and the realization that even more are in the future, are what will get me through going back to work. I have been so lucky to have a stay at home husband, supportive family, and great friends to be there with us through the pregnancy, birth, and bonding. ❤


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