‘Lil Man’s 1st Best Friend

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they fall in love with someone or something so much that it becomes their best friend. For me, that something was a teddy bear from my Uncle Ron that I named ‘Kissy’. This bear stuck with me through a lot during my years…and if you are ever a guest in our house and grab a blanket from the cedar chest, you’ll get to see Kissy! When I asked Greg who his first best friend was, he couldn’t remember (so hopefully Mom W can comment or we can edit the blog later with an update as to Greg’s first lovey). Those of you who know Ari personally have met ELLIE, the elephant from her Aunt Missy that started it all. Ari was just about 3 months old when she was given this stuffy and mumbled the word, “Ellie” (not kidding you, I have witnesses). As for Evan? He is barely over 3 weeks old and already has a best friend, a musical Sea Horse that I Santa gave him for Christmas. This seahorse MUST be beside him at night and playing music. Sadly, the toy turns off after about 7 minutes, so it takes about 3 cycles for him to calm himself off to sleep land. Evan loves to just lay there and stare at his seahorse (we will let him give it a name once he can talk) for what feels like hours. Greg caught some adorable shots of him enjoying his first best friend, here is one to share with blog land!

3 responses to “‘Lil Man’s 1st Best Friend

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