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lil Burghers

It’s finally time for our ‘lil blog to grow up and have it’s own special place on the web! Thanks to our awesome web butler, ‘lil Burghers is moving to lilburghers.com, effective immediately! If you are following us through Twitter or Facebook, nothing will be changing for you. If you follow us on Google Reader, head over to our new home and add us to your subscription list. Thanks for the follows, comments, and love!

(While you’re at it, go ahead and follow our web butler/friend Jon–he’s blogging about life and technology over at L337Inc and about his twin girls over at Marlowe Twins! Thanks for all your help!)

Missing Aunt Rin

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a company I do reviews for to do a ideo about who we miss the most. There was going to be a contest; however, that got cancelled. I had the video on our YouTube site, and Aunt Rin happened to stumble on it yesterday. Time to share with all of you!

Miss you, Rin!

And Then There Were 8 (RIP Froggie)

Poor kiddo. She understands that Froggie is now in Heaven with Buddy, but she keeps asking when they’ll feel better. About a month ago, Froggie played dead and scared the you know what out of us when Mr. Burgher went to retrieve him. The other night, he wasn’t himself, but we thought he was just molting (frogs do that, right?). Sadly, on Tuesday night, A had to ask Daddy if she could come down to say goodbye to Froggie. When she came back upstairs to finish the bedtime routine, she announced, “Froggie is dead, I told him goodbye”. So sad and sweet all at once.

…and then there were 8.

(PS, if you saw Mr. Burgher’s fb post about eggs? They were fake! She laid them, but they aren’t fertilized. I guess this kind of catfish does that?)

Privacy? What is that?


Beware. This post is not exactly G-rated, but it is real parenting, let me tell you.

“Long ago” when A was a baby, I took her in the shower with me and she turned into a kid that hates baths and loves showers. Thank you single motherhood. Even today, she prefers showers but takes the occasional bath to help Daddy out. When she showers, she can now go in alone and ask for help soaping and scrubbing. Easy enough.

Lil Man has been bathing, so he wasn’t privy to the joys of a quick, refreshing shower…until Saturday. There was a meltdown that prevented me from shopping before Family Fun. The meltdown required Mama to hold him. Normally, we would let him have a moment, bit this wasn’t going away. For fear his back arches would turn into an injury, I just did what he wanted and held him.

Well, life had to go on. I told him to hang on, cause he was going to be introduced to the shower. This first experience wasn’t spiritual like it was for A, but lil Man did enjoy squishing bubbles on my face. He loved being wrapped in my bath sheet (while I froze) and snuggling under our covers as I found him clothes.

Privacy just goes away when you are a parent.

It, of course, gets better.

When I had A, I shared a 3 bedroom house with my friend M. My room was the master, so I never had to shut the bathroom door. When Mr. Burgher and I got our first house together, there was only one bathroom. It wasn’t uncommon for one to have to brush their teeth while the other showered or read a magazine. Moving to a house with two baths didn’t change much…you’ve been warned.

On any given moment, it is not uncommon for an adult to read a magazine, a child to throw forks in the tub, a child to be washing her (not) dirty hands, and two dogs to be begging for attention…all in 6 square feet of space.

I guess we should be flattered, they love being around us and have picked up some healthy habits. Now if only we can teach them to shut the door and not have to accompany the adults everywhere.

Cause sometimes, a parent just wants to read an ever loving magazine.

A Girl and Her Mama

Last night, I was lucky enough to be escorted to the Tote Bag Project’s Anniversary Celebration by my adorable ‘lil Miss A. We really enjoyed the Mama/Daughter time together, and we are sure Daddy and ‘lil Man enjoyed a night in with pizza!

IMG_9817 (Copy)

We’re going to make it a point to each have more special alone time with each kid. It’s important for our bonding, and definitely made an impact on ‘lil Miss A. 🙂